Why and What to Write Every Day

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The bookIt’s a phrase writers hear over and over, sometimes to the point that the words almost seem meaningless. They are not though.  What’s the phrase?

Write every day.

The words mean exactly that. Writers must write, and they must write every day. Not every other day. Not once a week. Not when the Muse pays a visit, or when they are in the mood.

Every day.

Every single day.

Why Write Every Day?

The question of why you should write every day can best be answered by looking at what makes people successful at any skill. A gymnast who aspires to compete in the Olympics isn’t going to get there by practicing an hour a day, or by practicing infrequently or sporadically. She would have to commit to hour after sweaty hour, ignoring distractions, pain or discomfort.

She would have to stay completely focused.

Yesterday my daughter picked up her violin after not practicing for a week. Let’s just say even if I hadn’t known she hadn’t practiced for a week, it was kind of obvious.

And I realized that every time I miss a day of writing, my skills are getting less sharp in exactly the same way.

I read an article last night by Susan Spencer-Wendel, the author of the phenomenal book Until I Say Good-Bye: My Year of Living with Joy. (If you haven’t read it, I suggest you head right now to your library or bookstore and get a copy). No longer able to use her limbs, Susan wrote the article using a reflective dot attached to her nose and bobbing her head to point at letters. To write that article took her 20 hours.

But she kept writing.

Any excuses the rest of us make for not writing seem pretty small in comparison.

What to Write Every Day

What to write each day is a lot less important than spending some time in the act of crafting words into sentences.

Go to 750words.com and ramble about your day.

To learn copywriting, practice copying successful salesletters in longhand.

Write dozens of headlines daily.

Write leads to sales letters.

Write blog posts.

Write short stories.

The act of writing will improve the more you do it – in the same way that you will get stronger by lifting progressively heavier weights.

Just keep writing.


photo by: Dave Heuts
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