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wealthy web writerIf you are interested in pursuing a career as a web writer, where should you begin? There is a lot to learn and there is sometimes conflicting information online. Wealthy Web Writer is a membership site which offers clear step-by-step information for anyone who wants to pursue online copywriting.

Whether you are a new writer or a writer looking to improve your web writing skills, Wealthy Web Writer has something for you. There are tutorials on pretty much every aspect of web writing you can imagine along with tons of articles, blog postings, videos and a forum.  There is even a job board for members to help you find web writing jobs. These are not $5 to $15 an hour gigs – the goal is to become a wealthy web writer. And they show you exactly how it’s done.

A Preview of Wealthy Web Writer

You can get an idea what Wealthy Web Writer has to offer by browsing the site. Some articles are free to read whether you are a member or not, while others are available to premium members only. Premium articles offer a preview to non-members.

Under the list of categories, click on free content to see what’s available. Examples of current free articles include “How to Create a Profit-Generating Online Sales Funnel” and “Youtube for Marketers.”

A free eletter is also available to give you a taste of what they have to offer.

Benefits of Membership

The mission of the folks at Wealthy Web Writer is to provide members with a roadmap for an online writing career. They offer plenty of ongoing education, support and guidance, as well a wide variety of tools and motivation.

Content is updated almost daily with the most recent content at top of page. Some things you can experience as a member include:

  • Roadmap tutorials to show you exactly how to set up your freelance website, launch your freelance business and more
  • Six month step-by-step plan to become a six-figure web writer
  • Pricing guide to help you price your writing services
  • Reality blogs for monthly inspiration
  • 3 minute guru instructions on technical topics
  • Expert guidance through teleseminars and forum interaction
  • The opportunity to contribute content and get paid for it

The demand for qualified web writers is growing rapidly. With the proper guidance and training, you can become an expert in this fast-growing, potentially lucrative field.

Becoming a member of Wealthy Web Writer costs less than one or two dinners a month in a mid-range restaurant.

In my opinion, it is well worth the investment. The six month step-by-step plan by Joshua Boswell is so motivational and clearly laid out that it is worth the price of membership by itself.

There is no better investment you can make than investing in yourself.


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