How to Write Blog Posts Quickly

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digging my new SwatchThe ability to write blog posts quickly can be an ace up your sleeve if your goal is to blog daily. Although some blog posts can take an hour or more to write, the ability to write quickly can save the day if you’re trying to come up with a consistent posting schedule.

I read some great suggestions about this from Michelle Schaefer’s blog. Check out this article called “Six Strategies for 15 Minute Blog Posts.”

Catalysts for Quick Writing

The easiest way to get started is by using readily available information as a catalyst. For example, you can write a blog post around someone else’s content, as I am doing right now. You can include links to recommended articles and write commentary about them. Michelle actually uses a strategy of identifying an expert author on ezine articles and simply writing an introduction to an article from an article directory. That way half the article is already written for you.

Videos are another springboard to possible articles or blog posts. Including a video or a link to a video can get you started when you are stuck.

Making a list about any topic is a good way to have an article practically write itself. Write about “10 Way to Find Writing Clients” or “Six Ways to Market Your Writing Business” or any other list you can come up with.

Consistency is Key

Planning ahead is another way to be ready to dash off blog posts quickly. If you use a strategy such as Jon Morrow’s Headline Hacks and write article titles ahead of time, it’s pretty easy to write an article from there. Or plan blog topics ahead of time using an editorial calendar.

In blogging, consistency is very important. The more you blog, the better you will get at it. Using these habits can help you get in the habit of putting something on your blog daily, which is the first step to a better following.

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