The Number That Will Transform Your Writing

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What is the most important number for writers? It’s certainly not a combination of numbers that randomly win the lottery. It’s not the number on the scale, the number of kids you have or the number of jobs you’ve had before you become a writer.

The most important number for writers is ONE.

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Use Long Tail Keywords in Online SEO

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Long tail keywords are a necessary part of any strategy for online SEO. If you are using SEO to draw traffic to your blog, you begin by choosing a keyword and create a blog post around each keyword.

The problem is the most obvious keywords are typically the most competitive. Everyone else is trying to rank for them too.

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The Basics of Web Page Optimization

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Web page optimization is a strategy used to improve page ranking in search engines. No matter how well-written your blog or website is, outstanding writing doesn’t do you any good if nobody can find what you’ve written. Web page optimization, or search engine optimization, will help visitors to find your web page when using a search engine.

The Importance of Keywords

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Why I Don’t Believe in “SEO Copywriting”

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By Robert W. Bly


“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting” requires that the copywriter concern himself with strategic placement of key words, tags, and the like within his Web copy to optimize search engine rankings of the pages he writes.

The problem is that to create really powerful copy, you have to have a single core audience in mind … and concentrate all your effort on writing to that one audience.

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SEO Article Writing Simplified

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SEO article writing isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it feels that way to the inexperienced. New web writers learn fairly early that in order to rank highly in the search engines, they need to do keyword research. But how do you get from a list of keywords to a properly optimized article?

The easy part of SEO article writing is creating an article around a keyword. The tricky part is how to strategically place keywords within the article so that the content doesn’t sound awkward or forced.

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Introduction to Web SEO

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What is web SEO? SEO refers to search engine optimization. It is a technique that allows your web pages to be found by the search engines. This is important, because a web visitor who is searching for a particular topic is most likely only going to visit the sites listed on the first or second “search engine results page”. In other words, if someone inputs a phrase into Google or another search engine, and there are a couple million results, they are not going to visit all of them. Probably they won’t visit more than a dozen or so sites.

SEO is more than tricking search engines though. In the early days of search engines, you could write an article using a keyword over and over and rank highly using this strategy. But nowadays, search engines are in the business of delivering effective results. They aren’t as easy to fool. They only want to reward sites offering quality content with high rankings.

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