Can You Get Rich Quick As a Freelance Writer?

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Fat WalletMaking six figures as a freelance writer can happen. In fact, it does happen quite often to those who make a strategic plan and diligently stay on track for the long haul. But can you get rich quick as a writer?

Many people dream of a day when they can quit their day job and work from home. Probably one of the quickest ways to start making at least a little bit of money online is through writing. Every website needs content, and many webmasters pay people to provide that content.

There are several ways to get paid to write from home. The problem is, writers who are desperate often take jobs at almost slave wages such as $3 or $5 an article. These jobs are pretty easy to find on craigslist or on job boards such as elance, or by offering services on

You Won’t Get Rich on Content Mills

Ads on craigslist tend to bring up content mills – places where the quantity you write is more important than the quality.

There’s nothing wrong with making a few bucks this way if you have no money for groceries – but the point is, you have to work hard to make sure you don’t get stuck at this level.

In a way, it’s easy to work for a content mill. It’s kind of similar to having a day job – you just wait till someone hands you work. You don’t have to spend time and energy prospecting for clients or marketing yourself.

But in content mills your skills are not valued. The work you are doing is like piecework in a factory – the more you do, the more you get paid, so you are always rushing through your work to try to make ends meet. And there is no getting ahead. Long term, all you will get from writing for content mills is burnt out.

Get Rich Slowly

On the other hand, there are writers who map out a plan to make more money. They choose a niche. They set up a writer’s website. They prospect for clients who pay writers more – but rarely advertise for writers. They market themselves tirelessly. They work continually to improve their skills, such as by learning copywriting or a skill such as writing press releases or white papers. They lay out a plan to make a little bit more money each year.

This type of writing income is something you have to build – similar to building a brick and mortar business. If you were to open a new business, such as a shoe store, you would know that you would not be wildly profitable on Day One. You would have to market your business. You would have to find a way to make your business unique in some way. You would only make a profit with a lot of time and effort, and a lot of persistence and dedication.

A freelance writing business is exactly that – a business. Becoming a freelance writer isn’t a way to get rich quick. Even those who attain seemingly overnight success were working quietly for years, long before anyone ever heard of them.

Yet, unlike a day job, a well-planned freelance writing career can lead to increased income year after year. Most likely you won’t get rich quickly. But you just might get rich slowly.

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