Many Failures, Many Opportunities

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Fallen BikeI have failed at many things in my life. I failed to be better than a B student in high school, although I’m quite sure now I could have done better. I failed to graduate college because I was a spoiled little girl who lacked discipline and focus. I have failed at several websites and blogs.

The one thing all failures have in common is that they are opportunities in disguise.

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Putting Up a LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn(リンクトイン)_028I have been told that having a LinkedIn profile is a very effective form of passive marketing. Up to now I haven’t followed through with taking this step, but I decided to take the plunge today.

One thing that has been holding me back from completing my LinkedIn profile is the fact that I have a full-time day job. I wasn’t sure how to go about marketing myself as a writer without talking about the fact that I write on the side of a day job. I don’t want to list my day job because that is not the industry that I want to stay in.

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The Missing Ingredient to Writing Success

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Vegetarian Fungus Soup

When cooking there is often an ingredient that MUST be included or the recipe falls apart.  For example, one of my daughters insists that absolutely everything must include salt while the other leans more toward garlic. I used to have a glazed meatloaf recipe that I really loved until my dog ate the recipe, but that’s another story. The glazed meatloaf was nothing without ground mustard and brown sugar, and I have never found a meatloaf recipe that I liked as well.

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The Dreaded L-Word That Cripples Freelance Writers

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StopwatchI read a quote today on twitter that profoundly describes where I’ve been lately. The quote, which was from AWAI, said:

When a customer decides to do something later, they mean never.”

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Put Up Your Freelance Writer Website

Prayer is the languageA freelance website is one of the most important marketing tools for anyone that is serious about making money writing online. It’s one way to impress potential clients and get you hired.

After several years of half-heartedly limping along, I have decided to get serious about my freelance writing career, and I have created my freelance writer website. It’s called Simply Results Copy. I have been studying and practicing copywriting long enough to believe that I have the skills needed to deliver results to anyone who is seeking a skilled web copywriter.

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Sidetracked Writers Who Don’t Write

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daydreaming with black tourmaline

Getting sidetracked, stifled or stuck is the nemesis of writers. You love to write…you want to write…you mean to write…

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Can You Get Rich Quick As a Freelance Writer?

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Fat WalletMaking six figures as a freelance writer can happen. In fact, it does happen quite often to those who make a strategic plan and diligently stay on track for the long haul. But can you get rich quick as a writer?

Many people dream of a day when they can quit their day job and work from home. Probably one of the quickest ways to start making at least a little bit of money online is through writing. Every website needs content, and many webmasters pay people to provide that content.

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Vince Lombardi’s Top Tips for Writing Improvement

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Packers - Bears GameVince Lombardi was one of the greatest football coaches in history, maybe even the greatest. He had an incredible ability to motivate and inspire players, and he demanded that every player deliver his absolute best. Lombardi was determined to win and believed in doing what it took to do so.

He was a man full of wit and wisdom, a man that knew how to turn losers into winners and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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Why and What to Write Every Day

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The bookIt’s a phrase writers hear over and over, sometimes to the point that the words almost seem meaningless. They are not though.  What’s the phrase?

Write every day.

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Thoughts on Writers and Aging

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Through A Childs EyeTomorrow is a big day for me. I am having cataract surgery. The eye doctor tells me I’m rather young for cataract surgery – but the fact of the matter is, cataract formation is a sure sign of the aging process. All I know is that I can barely see out of my left eye, which is causing me difficulty driving and reading.

I’m not quite ready for the nursing home yet, though.

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